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IMS Core

Industry standards

CommuniGate Systems actively participates and contributes to a number of industry standards bodies that govern the development of internet messaging, mobile messaging, and IMS frameworks and applications, including the GSM Association (GSMA) and their Rich Communication Suite (RCS) initiative

Innovative solutions

CommuniGate Systems focuses on delivering rich and innovative communication experiences to both business and consumer subscribers providing cutting edge technology that enables rapid delivery of new services. We also provide Software Development Kits (SDKs) on both the server side and client side for content providers, service providers, and carriers. With these SDKs, the possibilities for new services and new clients, whether on the desktop, mobile or other device are virtually endless.

CommuniGate Pro IMS Core Server is a fully integrated, compact, carrier grade solution compliant with 3GPP standards. It provides a robust runtime environment for IMS Application Servers including our IMS Application Server, and offers the following standard IMS Core components:

  • Home Subscriber Server (HSS) with Diameter support
  • Call Session Control Function (CSCF) : P-CSCF/S-CSCF/I-CSCF
  • Border Gatway Control Function (BGCF) with Enum database and Enum lookups
  • Media Ressource Function (MRF) with High Definition Voice (G722.2 AMR-WB)

Register today for a trial on CommuniGate Systems IMS hosted platform! Whether you wish to try out the core, the application server or the clients, contact us now at imstrialnow@communigate.com.