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The CommuniGate Pro platform delivers Unified Communication solutions to all market segments.

While small installations require much smaller hardware and they usually do not employ the advanced CommuniGate Pro components such as a Dynamic Cluster or a SIP Farm, the core functionality remains the same across the board - from a multi-million user telco down to a small corporate system.


Whether replacing or merging with the legacy E-mail platforms, integrating with the existing IMS infrastructure, or upgrading it to the cutting-edge level, CommuniGate Pro Dynamic Cluster is the preferred engine behind carrier new offers to their end-users. Email and Groupware synchronisation for mobile users, Instant Messaging and File Exchange, VoIP and FMS - these and many other services can be rolled out to selected user groups, with minimal deployment time and support resources.

Please see the Carriers section for the details.

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Service Providers

Designed from ground up as a multi-tenant, highly scalable, and self-managing service platform, CommuniGate Pro has served as the solid foundation for many ISPs, ASPs, and hosting providers since 1999.

E-mail and VoIP, Calendaring and PBX, automatic rules and IM chatrooms - all CommuniGate Pro features can be sold to customers in various packages, matching the provider marketing efforts.

CG/PL server-side programming and XIMSS client-side interface are used to quickly develop and deploy new services, applications, and market-specific features.

Please see the Service Providers section for the details.

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The power of the CommuniGate Pro platform is fully employed by the set of the pre-packaged applications available. Out of the box, the CommuniGate Pro corporate edition provides the complete E-mail, Contacts, Calendaring, VoIP, Instant Messaging, and Presence systems compatible with virtually all standards-based clients.

CommuniGate Pro can replace your legacy E-mail and telephony systems, but it also can integrate with your existing Microsoft Exchange infrastructure, your existing phone lines, and integrate all your old and new communication channels into one Unified Communication solution.

Please see the Corporate section for the details.