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Strategic Partners


Adobe develops the technologies that transform ideas and information into experiences that change how people live, work, and communicate. For over 25 years, Adobe's built a legacy of innovation. Today Adobe remains committed to enabling customers to better engage their customers and consistently exceed their expectations. Adobe's technology platforms enable CommuniGate Systems to build dynamic applications that address business demand for improved interaction with information. CommuniGate Systems is the market leader for Rich Media delivery solutions which leverage Adobe technologies for our Rich Internet Applications (RIA's). CommuniGate Pronto! is the first Flash Unified Communications client on the market that brings messaging, voice, video, and Rich Media together into one modular and extensible framework. CommuniGate Systems uses Adobe's Flex technology because of its secure nature and the ubiquitous portability across desktops and mobile devices. CommuniGate Pronto! drives new revenue opportunities for network operators in the mobile and wireline markets.


Alcatel-Lucent designs and delivers the systems, services and software that drive next-generation communications networks. Alcatel-Lucent's market vision is convergence - creating networks that deliver communications services that are simple and seamless; personal and portable; for people at work, home or anywhere in between. Alcatel-Lucent is a leading global supplier of communications networking equipment, holding strong leadership positions in Internet networking infrastructure for service providers, optical networking, wireless networks and communications networking support and services. CommuniGate Systems and Alcatel-Lucent partner to deliver next generation SIP based communications solutions, including voicemail, VoiP, and carrier class communication applications built on the CommuniGate Pro Real-Time Communications Server.

Intel Corporation

CommuniGate Systems and Intel Corporation's global alliance ensures that the products of both parties become the building blocks of real-time communications. Intel and CommuniGate Systems collaborate on the "Virtual Office," Mobile Communications, and wireless solutions such as WiFi and Centrino. Together, CommuniGate Systems and Intel deliver Voice and Data signal processing technologies that promote the most advanced and scalable solutions on the market.

Intel Enterprise Acceleration Alliance

Additionally, CommuniGate Systems and Intel have recently strengthened their partnership with the "Intel Enterprise Acceleration Alliance." The expanded alliance will provide Intel channel members with CommuniGate Systems' messaging solution, CommuniGate Pro, on a multitude of platforms that will form the foundation of a comprehensive voice and messaging system. The Intel channel has over 10,000 members worldwide. http://www.intel.com/design/servers/esaa/iv.htm

Intel Communications Alliance

CommuniGate Systems is a member of the Intel Communications Alliance, delivering joint solutions for large scale telecommunications providers on industry standards. CommuniGate Pro delivers the most robust SIP infrastructure available, without requiring proprietary devices or technologies, enabling carriers to deploy real-time communication solutions. Intel and CommuniGate Systems are leading the industry in the convergence of voice and data solutions based on SIP technologies. More information on Intel Communication and Networking solutions can be found here http://www.intel.com/netcomms/

Itanium Solutions Alliance

The Itanium Solutions Alliance was formed by leading enterprise and technical solutions providers to work together towards a common objective of transitioning the world of proprietary computing platforms to open, industry standard solutions based on Intel Itanium 2 microarchitecture. Together with leading enterprise software and hardware providers, the Alliance is dedicated to accelerating the adoption and ongoing development of Itanium 2-based solutions. Its membership comprises some of the most influential companies in the computing industry. Visit www.itaniumsolutionsalliance.org for more information.


CommuniGate Systems' and Hewlett-Packard's global alliance combines HP's service expertise in enterprise-class IT infrastructure and data center management with CommuniGate Systems' five nines messaging solution. HP's knowledge and leadership in telecommunications and enterprise computing are driving forces for change in those industries. CommuniGate Systems is the premier provider of highly scalable messaging and real-time application server software. Together, HP and CommuniGate Systems provide a complete messaging solution that combines email, collaboration, voice, and data.
CommuniGate Pro Real-Time Communications and Dynamic Cluster solution are available on many of HP's high performance platforms, including HP Integrity 64bit, Alpha Tru64, HP-UX, and Proliant systems running Linux or Windows. More information about HP's products and services for the Network and Service provider industry can be found at www.hp.com/communications/


CommuniGate Systems and IBM have a worldwide alliance that promotes both carrier class communications systems and business consolidation for voice and data messaging using CommuniGate Pro. IBM and CommuniGate Systems have ported the "real-time" CommuniGate Pro messaging software to IBM's eSeries platforms, including iSeries, xSeries, pSeries, and zSeries. CommuniGate Systems is committed to globally supporting IBM's wide customer base with real-time communications. CommuniGate Pro is available on a multitude of operating systems, including Linux, Windows, AIX, and AS/400. Server Proven for complete compatibility on all IBM platforms, CommuniGate Pro provides a unified solution for email, calendaring and real-time messaging.

Apple Computer Corporation

CommuniGate Systems and Apple Computer Corporation's worldwide strategic alliance and software teaming agreement have resulted in CommuniGate Pro Real-Time Communications server and Dynamic Cluster solution for Mac OS X, Apple's UNIX based platform for Xserve, as well as all other Apple hardware. Apple and CommuniGate Systems offer Educational institutions, Government agencies, and corporations a solid, scalable platform with reduced administrative overhead and increased reliability and flexibility. Apple and CommuniGate Systems have deployed large-scale systems in all industry segments and work together to provide the most comprehensive messaging solution with maximum uptime.


The strategic relationship between Oracle/Sun and CommuniGate Systems is based on delivering reliable, scalable, and integrated messaging solutions. Sun hardware and CommuniGate Systems are integral components of large-scale network infrastructures and have mutual customers worldwide. Together, Sun Microsystems and CommuniGate Systems are committed to building and delivering joint solutions to solve our customer's unique business problems.


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