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CommuniGate Pro is:

Contact Center

The CommuniGate Pro Contact Center is a WebRTC based business application that powers support, sales or billing centre voice communications and much more...

Virtual call center agents can be added or removed in real-time!

  • home or remote office topologies
  • manage queues in real-time
  • record calls with archival and API injection
  • "whisper mode" agent monitoring
  • integrated into CRM, ticketing & billing systems

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Track queues for loads, move agents from queues based on load levels or task & skill tiers.
All possible statistics for the selected record time. Plotting.

IP Telephony

CommuniGate Pro is the most versatile and scalable VoIP solution available on the market today. Its Signaling engine provides support for SIP and XMPP inter-server signaling, and for a vast variety of SIP, XMPP, XIMSS, ParlayX and CG/PL clients.

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CommuniGate Pro is the most advanced E-mail server on the market. It exchanges E-mail with all other Internet E-mail servers using the SMTP protocol and its extensions, and it provides access to Account mailboxes via POP, IMAP, MAPI, and AirSync protocols.

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CommuniGate Pro implements an IM/Presence (CPIM) system, merging both the XMPP and SIP standards. The platform enables server to server communications and can be a bridge to Web Chat applications. This system is linked with other CommuniGate Pro components - Rules engine, File Storage, and Directory services.

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CommuniGate Pro implements the standard Groupware features, such as Calendaring, Tasks, and Contacts. The Groupware data storage is integrated with the Mailbox storage, and each Account can have several Calendar-type, Tasks-type, and Contacts-type folders.

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File Server

Files are security stored and optionally encrypted with powerful ACL based sharing thru the Web interfaces or URL sharing support.

Our customers

We have been selected and trusted by more than 17,000 organizations around the world enabling nearly 200 Million users to more effectively and securely communicate with web and mobile Unified Communications







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